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Okay here it goes my first online post.  I've been meaning to get this started for some time now and yet a little hesitant.  Maybe I am just old-fashioned in that I prefer to write/journal in a paper bound diary.  Although I must admit I haven't journaled since I've been married.  I was dedicated to writing, mostly reflections and prayer, prior to getting married.  I even composed a journal for Kris during the time of our engagement and gave it to him as a wedding gift.  Since then all writing has stopped and I feel quite guilty that I have very little documented on sweet Ellie's early years.  I have been inspired by friends who are incredible at capturing the precious moments of their young families.  When they are 80 yrs old they will be reminiscing over fond memories while I am kicking myself for not writing things down.  LiveJournal seems pretty straight forward and I really like the privacy setting, so I am jumping in hoping to post pictures, etc.. later on as I learn the ropes.

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